Roof Cleaning

Look after your Roof! It is one of your biggest household investments

Roof Cleaning It is important to keep debris off all roofs (Cedar, Asphalt, Duroid, Metal, tile) to retard moss growth or rotting. If moss is on your roof it should removed.

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Cedar Roofs

Keep debris off your cedar roof by blowing or Sweeping it off. A periodic clean between the shakes will allow it to dry out and retard rotting. NEVER PRESSURE WASH YOUR CEDAR ROOF!

Asphalt, Duroid and Fibre glass Roofs

Blow it off annually or more often if needed.

Tile Roofs

Roof CleaningTile Roofs should be swept and blown and in some cases carefully pressure washed to remove debris and clean up it’s appearance. It is important to hire a company that is familiar with how to walk on a tile roof without breaking the tiles.

Metal Roofs

Roof CleaningMetal Roofs should be swept and blown annually. If your Metal Roof is covered by dirt, algae, moss, lichen, we can clean it up by gently power washing it.

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